Madhura Geetam – Prayer Series: 4

In this series, we present, each month, a prayer kirtan composed by His Holiness Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji. The Kirtans in this series shall underline the importance of prayers.

Just a glance is enough, O Krishna!

Singing is a form of worship and critical for nurturing devotion to the Lord. In Srimad Bhagavatam, Prahlada states the nine forms of bhakti, in which he cites singing as the second form of worship.

Prayer“Sravanam, Kirtanam, Vishnoho smaranam, Padasevanam, Archanam, Vandanam, Dasyam, Sakhyam, Atma Nivedanam.”

Innumerable devotees who treaded the path of bhakti have appealed to the Lord by pouring their life-long yearning into their songs. The songs remind the Lord of His glories and beseech to him to fulfill their longing. The bhakti bhaavas simply ooze out of these compositions. Just hearing them is enough to nurture devotion in our hearts.

This month, we will look at a composition of Sri Swamiji, in which he fervently prays to the Lord to grace him with just a glance from the corner of His eye for him to attain salvation. The song is in Tamil language and is set in Bimplaas raga and Adi tala.

Ragam: Bimplaas
Language: Tamil
kadai kaNNAl pArthAl podume
kaNNA nAn karaiyeri viduvEnE

dinam dinam kEtidum ennidam nee
manam irangAdadu enna mAyamo kaNNA

kOlakuzhal oodhidum govindA
leelaigal pala seiyyum leela vinoda
poomalaigal pala aNinduLLa mAdhavA
alaipAyuden manadu unai ninaindu ninaindu

A look from the corner of your eye is enough,
Oh Krishna! For me to attain salvation.

Day after day I beseech you (regarding this),
Yet, isn’t it a wonder that you remain unperturbed?

Oh Govinda – playing the flute
Oh Leela Vinodha – conjurer of diverse pastimes
Oh Madhava! Adorning an assortment of flower garlands,
The more I think of you, my heart runs unbound.

Sowmya Balasubramanian, Fremont CA

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