Madhura Geetam – Sloka Series: 8

Vedanta Athichoodi

 “Athichoodi” is a type of poetic work (in Tamil) that comprises of a collection of one-line philosophical verses. The great devotee and poet Avvayar is known for using this form.

Vedanta Athichoodi is Sri Swamiji’s work in Tamil that describes the most important principles for life. The vowels in Tamil are known as “uyir ezhuthukkal” (letters that have life) and rightfully, each verse that teaches us how to lead our life begins with these “uyir” ezhuthu. The verses and their meaning are presented here.


Ragam: Sindhubhairavi
Talam: Adi

anbE dEvanAm!
AnandamE iyalbAm!
irumai poyyAm!
Ishan oruvanE!
uzhalvadellAm uyarvadaRkkE!
UkkamuDan japam sey!
eNNam thavir!
EkAntham pazhagu!
aimpulan aDakku!
orumaiyuDan dhyAnam sey!
Oviyatthil anthamaDai!
auShadamAm bhagavan nAmam!
iHdE unakku vazhiyAm!

God is embodiment of love!
Bliss is our nature!
Duality is false!
God alone!
The purpose of all this wandering is to attain the Supreme!
Do japa with vigor!
Shun the ‘thought’!
Practice solitude!
Control your five senses!
Meditate with a single-minded focus!
Culminate in the Divine Form!
The Lord’s name is elixir!
This is the way of life!

Translated by 
Sowmya Balasubramanian, Dallas TX

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