Madhura Geetam – Sloka Series: 9

Premika Varada and Madhurisakhi Gadhyams

Every year we celebrate the Divine wedding of Lord Premika Varadan and Madhuri sakhi (Lord Krishna and Radha). This divine celebration is done along the lines of Bhagavata Sampradaya, a path of celebrating the Lord that has been established by great Mahans. In this divine wedding, there is the practice of taking Lord Krishna and Radha in a procession in separate palanquins (like a Janavasam).

The sight of the Lord and His Consort, adorned with beautiful garments, jewels and garlands is a sight to behold! Just like how a messenger announces the arrival of the king, similarly, when the Lord of the Universe and his consort embark on the tour of the town, a grand announcement is made by the devotees. This announcement, that describes Lord Krishna and Lord Radha’s grandeur and beauty, is written as a gadhyam (an elaborate prose composition is called gadhyam in Sanskrit). Sri Swamiji has composed gadhyams describing the beauty and the qualities of our dear Lord Premika Varadan and Madhuri sakhi that can be recited as they are coming in the procession.

The lyrics for both Premika Varada gadhyam and Madhuri Sakhi Gadhyam are presented here.

Shri Premikavaradan Gadhyam

karirAjavarada, parijanapAlaka, vairinAshaka, naraharirUpa,
virinjchisEvitha, gOvardhanagiridhara, sapthagirivAsa,
vArijalOchana, sa ri ga ma pa da ni – sapthasvara-svarUpa,
arijanasEvitha, mArIchAdinAshaka, durithadu:kha nivAraNa,
vAridibandana, dAridrya-vinAshaka, madhurapurinivAsa,
prEmikavaradasvAmin – hecCharIka

jaya vijayI bhava! jaya vijayI bhava! jaya vijayI bhava!

The One who bestowed a boon to the Lord of Elephants, the One who protects His followers, the destroyer of enemies, the One with the form of half-lion and half-man;
The One saluted by Lord Brahma himself, the One who lifted the Govardhana hill, the One who resides in the seven hills;
The Lotues-Eyed One, the One who is the embodiment of the seven musical notes (Sa, Ri, Ga, Ma, Pa, Da, Ni);
The One to whom even enemies bow, the One who destroyed Maricha and other demons, the One who wards off difficulties and worries;
The One who restrained the ocean, the One who eliminates poverty, the One who resides in Madhurapuri,
Behold! That Lord Premika Varada is arriving!

May there be victory!

Sri Madhuri sakhi Gadhyam

lalitAdi sakhIparivArasEvithE, athi athilAvaNya lalithE,
lathA samAnamadhyamalathAngi, lAvaNyasvarUpiNi,
janjalajalajala nUpuradhara, ati lajjAsvarUpiNi, kajjalAlipta nayanAlankruta prEmasvarUpiNi,
kOmaLAdhara – kOmaLa bhAShiNi,
kriShNArdhAngini gauravarNE, mrudumrudumruduLAngi,
kriShNaleelAsmaraNa kriShNanAmOcchAraNa – kriShNasparshAdikam vinA anyaviShaya –
pravarthanarahitha chinthAvinOdini,
sarvAlankAra bhUShithE subhAShiNi,
sundara prEmikavarada manOvihAriNi,
mAdhurI sakhi svAmini, hecCharIka-

jaya vijayI bhava jaya vijayI bhava jaya vijayI bhava

The One who is attended on by Lalitha and others (ashta sakhis), the very beautiful One;
The One whose body resembles a delicate creeper, the One who is the embodiment of charm;
The One who wears anklets that tinkle, the immensely shy One, the One whose eyes are adorned beautifully with collyrium and who is full of selfless, pure and unadulterated love;
The tender soft-spoken One, the Golden-colored One who is the other half of Lord Krishna, the One with extremely tender and soft limbs;
The One who thinks of nothing else other than Krishna’s leelas, Krishna’s Names and Krishna’s touch;
The One who is adorned with all jewels, the One who speaks charmingly;
The One who lives in the mind of the wonderful Lord Premika Varada;
Behold! That Goddess Madhurisakhi is coming!

May there be victory!

Translated by 
Sowmya Balasubramanian, Dallas TX

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