Madhura Geetham – Crossword Puzzle

1.Listen to the divine glories of the Lord, His form,stories, qualities and leelas.
2.O Premika Varada, please protect me today and always like you have done in the past to your other Bhakthas.
3.Do you know the monkey God who is known for his intelligence, strength, valor and devotion?
4.Krishna, grant me the alms of pure devotion towards you and only you which is capable of giving me liberation from this material
5.The cosmic dance of Lord Shiva 6.There can be no better time than now to engage in chanting the names of the Lord.
7.Why fear when Gurunathar is with us?
8.Krishna, please do me a favor by granting me devotion towards you instead of name and fame.
9.Who can be more fortunate than me to get the grace of such a compassionate Lord like you Krishna? 10.The auspicious and pious land where Radharani was born. 11.Let us become one with the infinite by following the path shown by our Guru.

1.What it is to be in the kingdom with abundant Love and devotion for Lord Krishna?
2.You are my sole protector O’ Premika Varada.
3.Lets gather to sing the praises of Vittala
4.Consort of our Takurji Sri Premika Varadan



Sreepriya Balasubramanian, Redmond, WA

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