2-Day Discourse on ‘Sri Rukmini Kalyanam’ by Sri Ramanujamji in Detroit

With the grace of Sri Swamiji, Sri Ramanujam Ji blessed Detroit GOD families with a two day discourse series on Sri Rukmani Kalayanam at Sri Balaji Temple of Great Lakes, West Bloomfield, Michigan from on November 29th and 30th evening from 6.30 p.m to 8.30 p.m.

Sri Ramanujam ji’s 2-day program in Michigan “Sri Rukmani Kalayanam” was very well received and enjoyed by everyone.
Sri Ramanujamji transported the listeners to Brindavan and Gokula with his beautiful exposition on various Krishna Leelas -Putana Samharam to Rukmini Kalyanam. During the discourse he mentioned that Sri Rukamani was perfoming Nava Vitha Bhakthi – Smaranam of Sri Krishna’s Story and Athma Nivedanam to Sri Krishna. Ramanujamji’s beautiful account of each Leela with raasikya bhava filled the atmosphere with divinity and the devotees experienced the lord’s divine plays with tears of joy and laughter while relishing the mischievous acts of Bhagawan in Gokula. Detroit GOD satsang members rendered Sri Swamiji’s Madurageetham songs for one hour on both days before the start of the discourse.

Radha Kalyanam was performed on November 30th 2016 morning at 10.00 am. by Detroit GOD satsang members under the guidance of
Sri Ramanujam Ji. Thodaya Mangalam, Astapathis, Mangalastam, Exchange of Garlands, Pravaram and Choornikai were rendered.
It was very divine and eagerly look forward to Sri Ramanujamji’s 2017 satsang trip to Detroit.

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