48-day Mahamantra relay in Houston,Texas

A 48-day Mahamantra relay was commenced in Houston on January 16 2015, where devotees are going daily to different houses in the Houston area to chant the Mahamantra for 30 minutes. The satsang commences with a brief 10 minute talk on the greatness of Nama sankirtan and 30 seconds silent prayer for everyone present, followed by 30 minutes of Mahamantra chanting.

The Mahamantra graced about 41 homes in about a month. The relay – whose purpose is for the auspicious Mahamantra to shower Its blessings on as many people and homes as possible – will be continued for 48 days and will culminate fittingly on Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s jayanthi day, March 5th 2015, which is also the 5th anniversary of Houston Namadwaar.

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