Global Nama Relay 2024!

Namadwaar, Virginia:
Global Nama Relay – Mahamantra Nama Sankirtan – January 6th With the beginning of New Year 2024, devotees around the world from New Zealand to Seattle chant Mahamantra. Namadwaar Virginia devotees chanted Mahamantra from 2:55 pm to 5:05pm. Around 45 devotees eagerly participated in the Global Nama Relay.

Tampa, FL:
*Global Nama relay* By Sri Guruji’s abundant grace, GOD Tampa satsang also participated in global nama relay on Jan 6, 2024 from 3 pm – 5 pm as part of eastern timezone with over 25 devotees chanting Sri Mahamantra.

Raleigh, NC:
Under the abundant grace of Sri Swamiji, the GOD Raleigh Satsang actively participated in the Global Nama Relay conducted on 01/06/2024 from 3 pm to 5 pm. We engaged in chanting Nama at the residence of Akhila ji and Shankar ji, where approximately 22 devotees gathered, with a few joining over the Zoom Meeting platform. The atmosphere was filled with the resonance of Nama, and even children chanted throughout the entire session with remarkable devotion and enthusiasm.

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