Akanda Nama Sankirtan in Seattle

With the grace of our Sadguru Maharaj Seattle GOD satsang began their new year with a wonderful Akhanda Nama Sankeerthanam session at the residence of Smt Priya and Sri Murali on the 8th of January 2011. About 30 devotees attended the satsang. Apart from the people who attended the event in person, there were many unique viewers witnessing the event over a live stream. Flowers kept flooding in and Radha and Krishna were adorned in beautiful garlands (made by bhakthas while chanting). With the grace of our Sadguru Maharaj, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day’s event.

Another highlight of the event was Sri Bhagyanathanji’s discourse over telephone, where he addressed the satsang and spoke of the greatness of the Nama and applauded the service of the Seattle team towards organizing the Akhanda Nama. Sri Hari Vilasa Prabhu of the Vedic Cultural Center of Seattle also participated and spoke during the event.

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