Akanda Nama Sankirtan in Seattle

On June 6th 2010, Seattle Namadwaar had a wonderful Akhanda Nama Sankeerthanam session in Seattle at Muthu & Vaishnavi’s residence from 12pm-6pm.  Apart from the 50 that attended the event in person, there were 16 unique viewers witnessing the event over a live stream.  Bhakthas were assigned 30 minute slots during which they were responsible for leading Nama.  All the balagurukulam children had a special slot of their own.  The flowers kept flooding in  and Radha and Krishna were adorned in beautiful garlands (made by bhakthas while chanting) that were changed once every 15-30 minutes.  Towards the end, bhakthas had the opportunity to make pradakshinas around Radha and Krishna as they chanted with vigour.

The Akhanda Nama session was followed by regular satsang.  During satsang, there was more Nama chanting, a balagurukulam session with the children sharing stories from puranas, bhajans (Gurunathan Vazhi and Anjaneya Ram) along with a special talk by Sri Ramanujamji on Nama mahima.
Lunch, snacks, refreshments and dinner was served during the course of the day.

With the grace of our Sadguru Maharaj, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day’s event.

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