Sri Jagannatha Yatra and Radha Madhav Vivah in Virgina Namadwaar

With the immense blessings of Sri SwamiJi, Sri Premika Varadan and Madhuri Sakhi, Namadwaar Virginia celebrated Sri Jagannatha Yatra and Radha Madhav Vivah.
The 4 day celebrations started on June, 30, 2022 with Madhurageetham and Ashtapati.
The next day, July 1, we had Akhanda Nama online via zoom from 12pm to 6pm. Many devotees took 10 minute slots and enthusiastically chanted.
On July 2, the satsang was in person at namadwaar Virginia. The devotees gathered around 4pm. Satsang started with Mahamantra kirtan. Many Madhurageethams, Guru, Nama mahima, Radha, Krishna kirtans were rendered. Then devotees sang Thodayamangalam, Ashtapatis from 14th till 21st. Followed by prayer and Hanuman kirtans. Satsang concluded with Kaliyayum bali kollum and Maha Arti.
On July 4th, it was a wonderful morning Satsang at Namadwaar Virginia. The Divine couple adorned with flowers and jewels for their wedding were seated on their swing. The satsang started with Mahamantra kirtan. After Guru vandanam, the devotees rendered thodayamangalam. Radha,Krishna kirtans were rendered. The Radha kalyanam padhathi, Kalyana Ashtapathi, Choornikai, Mangalashtakam and Mangalyadaranam was recited. Flowers were offered to the divine couple while the devotees chanted Radha Krishna Namavali. Sampradaya kirtans for Radha kalyanam was also rendered. Anjaneya kirtans and prayers kirtans were rendered. The satsang concluded with Kaliyayum bali kollum kirtan and Maha Arti. Lunch Maha prasad was served The devotees felt blessed to be a part of this divine wedding. Prayers to the Lordships and Sri Swamiji to bless us with more Satsangs.

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