Akhanda Nama Sankirtan in Dallas

With the grace of our Sadguru Maharaj on January 15th 2011, Dallas GOD satsang had a wonderful Akhanda Nama Sankeerthanam session at Sri. Mahesh ji/Smt.Priya ji’s residence from 2pm-6pm. The session started off with Dyana slokam and then followed by Mahamatra kirtan. For the next two hours the whole place was filled with chanting and vibrations. After that some of Sri Swamiji’s kirtans were learnt and sung, followed by a Gopakutteram session, the kids recited “Barhaa pitam” slokam and also sang the song “Rama Ramana Hari”. Priya ji gave a short discourse on Prahlada stuti. All the devotees recited Dhruva stuti and also learnt the first sloka of Prahlada stuti. After that the session continued with Mahamantra kirtan again. The satsang ended with ‘Kaliyaiyum bali kollum’ and arthi. Nearly thirty devotees were blessed to take part in this event.

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