Annual Mahamantra Writing Contest 2017

Every year, Rama Navami is celebrated by the entire fraternity of GOD across the country in a unique manner – through ‘Mahamantra Likhita Japa’ – Mahamantra Writing Contest.

The contest is opened out to all ages weeks before Rama Navami and closes a few weeks after Rama Navami.  The most lavish ‘Mahamantra Writers’ among the young ones are chosen and rewarded.

This year too, the Mahamantra writing contest began a few weeks before Rama Navami and ended on April 23rd.  And this year’s contest set new benchmarks and beat record of sorts!

  • For the first time, we had children and adults from Canada participate as well!
  •  Age of youngest child to write Mahamantra : 3
  • Number of children that participated in the contest: 100+
  • Number of GOD Centers that participated: 8
  • Total Number of Mahamantra that was written in a span of 8 weeks: 31000+

While kids were over-enthusiastic to write Nama, adults were not left behind.  We had a record number of Nama written by adults this year.

The consolidated summary of Nama Counts by City are in the table below:


GOD Center # Participants #Children Age of Youngest Writer Total Nama Counts
Atlanta, GA, USA 9 6 5 4500
Boston, MA, USA 36 32 4 2663
Glen Allen, VA, USA 17 17 3 227
Toronto,ON,Canada 7 5 5 427
Orlando, FL, USA 4 4 6 279
Seattle, WA, USA 18 16 3 1130
Dallas,TX, USA 43 40 4 22244
Detroit, MI, USA 4 4 4 200
Summary Counts 138 124 3 31670

The individual prize-winners by age are mentioned below.  

Age Name City / State #Nama Place/Position
Gurudas Muthukaruppan Seattle, WA, USA 10 1st
SriMedha Glen Allen, VA, USA 2 2nd
Nithya Glen Allen, VA, USA 2 2nd
Prahlad Shankar Seattle, WA, USA 44 1st
Anindith Dallas,TX, USA 38 2nd
Nheel Detroit, MI, USA 13 3rd
Om Avanish Boston, MA, USA 56 1st
Shrish Moorthi Boston, MA, USA 50 2nd
Harini Boston, MA, USA 38 3rd
Dhruv Jujare Orlando, FL, USA 153 1st
Sai Pravakshaa Dallas,TX, USA 112 2nd
Srinidhi Nenmeni Atlanta, GA, USA 42 3rd
Gurunarayan Balaji Atlanta, GA, USA 295 1st
Hari Charan Boston, MA, USA 160 2nd
Akshara Ramji Atlanta, GA, USA 129 3rd
Jairam Boston, MA, USA 240 1st
Sahasra Bhargavi Boston, MA, USA 200 2nd
Rashmika Boston, MA, USA 200 2nd
Shravan Narayanan Dallas,TX, USA 240 1st
Sai P Boston, MA, USA 41 2nd
Pratishta Boston, MA, USA 28 3rd
Thaegeswi Balaji Atlanta, GA, USA 504 1st
Vaishnavi Sundaram Seattle, WA, USA 140 2nd
HariCharane Jhagen Detroit, MI, USA 120 3rd
Harini Swaminathan Seattle, WA, USA 148 1st
Sanjana Anand Seattle, WA, USA 129 2nd
Vishal Balaji Orlando, FL, USA 42 3rd


The prizes in each region will be distributed during the Annual Year End Discourse Series that will be held in the Fall Season.

A complete list of all the ‘Nama Writers’ can be found here.

GOD congratulates all the Nama Writers and winners for their exemplary performance and encourages them to write and chant more!


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