Bhakti Sankirtan at Amanae and Frequencies of Brilliance Center in twin cities, MN

 A beautiful satsang was conducted by Sri Ramanujamji at Amanae and Frequencies of Brilliance Center on Sunday, November 10th 2013. The Mahamantra Meditation group meets at this venue every week in downtown Minneapolis  and the participants all came together for Sankirtan and a discourse.  The event started off with a blend of East-West kirtans by ‘Kirtan Path’: A western, devotional band in the Twin Cities and Namavalis by Smt. Lakshmi Aiswarya.  Followed by this, Sri. Ramanujam Ji gave an enlightening discourse on the ‘Path of Bhakti and Sankirtan’ which was well received by all.  There were jazz musicians in the crowd who shared their love for Nama through their music.  The event culminated with the chanting of ‘Mahamantra’.
Lunch was catered to all at this event, which gave the participants and opportunity to discuss and share their perspectives on Bhakti and Kirtan with Sri. Ramanujam Ji.  About 20 people attended the satsang.
Sri Ramanujamji conducted a satsang at the residence of Sri Srimaji and Mrs.Anithaji  on Sunday evening in Plymouth, MN. After Mahamantra chanting and singing of Govardhan Dhari Kirtans, being the auspicious day of Gopashtami, the event included the culmination of the 24×7 Nama Saptaha in the United States.  Sri Ramanujamji gave his blessing message to all US devotees who participated in this chanting endeavor. There was also a Q&A session by local devotees.  Dinner Prasadam was served to all.
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