Chicago GopaKuteeram – April 2011

The Chicago satsang had a wonderful Gopakuteeram event on the 17th of April 2011.Around 7 families attended the event with their kids with full enthusiasm. Since it was the month of Sri Rama Navami, the theme of the event was Rama. The event started by chanting the Mahamantra. The kids were given an introduction on the auspiciousness of the month of April and why the theme was chosen for this event. The kids were taught a sloka and Bhajan on Lord Rama, which they enjoyed and recited back wonderfully. We narrated the story of Sabari’s Guru Bhakti to the Kids. The Kids listened with rapt attention and answered the quiz trivia based on the story with all correct answers. The Kids were then asked to build a worship chart. This chart contained all the worship steps which were taught in the previous sessions. The kids were asked to decorate this chart and stick it in their puja room and they had to follow the steps everyday and perform sincere puja to the Lord.The event was concluded with the Nama chanting followed by Mangala Arathi.

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