Commencement Prayer for School-goers in Richmond,VA

With the blessings of Sri Swamiji, the first ‘Commencement Prayer for School Goers’ event was hosted by Virginia GOD on Saturday the 5th September, 2015 between 4:45 pm and 7:00 pm. Over 25 kids and their parents totaling 45 participated in this event.  The event started with all the participants chanting Maha Mantra for over an hour and then Mahima a high-school student, explained the effort of Commencement Prayer before the start of the school.

Then 4 kids Mahima Murali, Rithwik Raman, Harish Raman and Tejas Muthusamy shared their experiences with Nama. Mahima shared her experience by stating how Nama helped her in critical times like her academic tests.  She clearly explained Nama is not a replacement to studies and it is only a divine support that can strengthen the concentration and maintains focus to face the challenges without any anxieties.

Rithwik shared his experience of how Nama helped him to overcome fear of heights by chanting Nama.  Harish explained Krishna is the Jagath Guru and chanting his Nama always gives clarity to the mind.  Last but not the least, Tejas, the Spelling Bee Champion from Richmond community shared how Nama helped him focus on the strenuous tasks during the spelling bee championship.

The session concluded with a prayer session and everyone chanted the Maha Mantra for 11 times with their personal prayers to the lotus feet.   Then two compositions from Sri Swamiji’s Madhura Gitams – ManoBalam Yenakkarulvaai and Yelimaiyaana Vaazhkai Vendum were sung by the gathered devotees.  Prasad Ji  lucidly explained the meaning and importance of both the compositions as to how Sri Swamiji  motivates everyone to seek courage from Lord Krishna and prays to the lord to make sure that one’s  victories and social statuses shouldn’t affect the individual and that one should live in simplicity.

Everyone sang Kaliyayum Bali Kollum and performed Maha Harathi and offered flowers to the Sri Swamiji and Lord Krishna.

All the students who participated were given Prasad and a copy of the 10 Commandments from Sri Swamiji.

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