Mass Prayer at Namadwaar, Atlanta

Every year in August, Atlanta Namadwaar organizes a Mass Prayer aimed at providing the children with academic success, wellbeing and safety. By the immense grace of Sri Swamiji and Sri Premika Varadha Takurji, these Mass prayers have always seen large attendances and this year was no exception. Over 160 people including adults and kids of different ages attended the program. The 2-hour program was filled with energetic chanting of Nama led by groups of adults and kids.

The vibrant chanting was intertwined with devotees sharing their heartwarming experiences and benefits they have realized by chanting Nama.
13-year-old Chi Balaram shared the greatness of Mahamantra and how chanting has helped him improve focus in his studies.
Smt Gayathri Vasanth ji shared how Nama gave her the strength, courage, and confidence to endure a 3-year struggle with her son’s school district which miraculously ended in her favor against all odds.
Smt Jeya Kishore ji shared the importance of Nama being the Dharma for Kaliyuga. She also recounted a recent incident which involved an American family who were introduced to Nama for the very first time. Devotees from Namadwaar visited Ms. Karen’s residence and chanted Nama with her and her family for the safety of the unborn child. Although Nama was new to her, Ms. Karen strongly held on to Nama to give her the strength through childbirth and after. The family has expressed their wish to visit Namadwaar with their newborn daughter to offer gratitude in person to Sri Swamiji and Sri Takurji.
Nama Mahima experiences shared by devotees highlighted the importance and benefits realized from chanting. Please click on the links below to watch snippets of the Mass prayer and Nama Mahima shared by devotees : Vibrant Nama chanting : NamaAnubhava by Smt Gayathri ji : Nama Mahima by Chi. Balarama Krishna : Nama Mahima – first time Nama experience of an American family shared by Smt. Jeya Kishore ji

The kids came together and very lovingly collected rose petals for Pushpavarsham. The wonderful Mass prayer program culminated in Pushpavarsham and Harathi. All kids who attended the mass prayer were gifted with pencils as a token of blessing and appreciation.

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