Death of mind marks eternal bliss

Date: Dec 6, 2007
Time: 4:00pm – 7:45pm
Topic: Eternal bliss.
Venue: Residence of Mr. Narayan Dave and Mrs. Chaaya Lakshmi.
Pravachan karta: Sri Ramakrishnahari

It was the weekly Mahamantra kirtan at the residence of Sri Narayan Daveji. The Daves are a very devout family consisting of his wife Chhaya Lakshmi and two sweet sons Teju and Shivam, besides Sri Daveji himself. They perform Namakirtan every Sunday with other devotees from 4pm to 6pm. A life size image of Sri Swamiji is throbbing with divine life in the Satsang hall. Namadwaar is temporarily located in this sanctified place.

After conclusion of the regular Namakirtan at 6 pm, Ramakrishnahari started to speak on ‘Spirituality and eternal happiness through Divine Name’. The intricate nature of mind was analyzed threadbare. The man’s eternal search for happiness and the latent inability of the material world to provide that was espoused. Without touching upon the realm of religion, the discussion rationally proceeded into the source of peace of mind and happiness. It was logically and clearly established that the only way to happiness is by silencing the mind. The 1 Hr 45 min speech convinced the listeners that the eternal happiness could be achieved only with the ‘death of mind’ and the easiest path towards that goal is incessant chanting of the Divine Name of God.

The devotees then sang the Mahamantra with great fervor for few minutes. There were few questions and discussions on various topics, while devotes partook the prasad and Sri Ramakrishnahari addressed them. About 30 devotees participated in the satsang

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