Deepavali, Gopashtami, Brindavana dwadasi Satsangs in Tampa, FL

By the immense grace of our beloved Guruji and Takurji, GOD Tampa celebrated diwali satsang on Nov 11, 2023 by offering 4 hrs of Akanda nama at the lotus feet of Sri Guruji. Over 40 devotees participated in akanda Nama followed by fireworks. On Nov 18, 2023, we celebrated Gopashtami. Over 45 devotees participated in the satsang and offered Mahamantra kirtan and Sri Madhuragitams on Lord Sri Govinda. The prasadam was nicely made like Sri Srinivasa Perumal, by our satsang devotees. On Nov 24, 2023, few devotees got together and did Tulasi kalyanam on the auspicious day of Brindavana dwadasi. We humbly pray to Sri Guruji to bless us with more and more satsangs.

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