First Laksha Nama Yagna in Orlando, FL

By the immense grace of Sri Guruji, Madhuri Sakhi/Premika Varadan Thakurji and Jagannath Parivaar, GOD Satsang Orlando successfully completed their first Laksha Nama Yagna (Chanting of 100,000 Mahamantra japa). The event took place at the residence of Nandini ji/Sankar ji on January 25th from 8 am to 6 pm.

The goal seemed daunting based on the number of pre-registrations for the event. But Bhagavan poured His mercy and grace on us and brought in devotees from all parts of Orlando to participate in the event. Folks that registered for just a couple of hours ended up staying longer and chanting until the goal was reached. During the event, kids performed special archana and harathi to Bhagavan. A total of 100+ devotees participated in the holy event and were blessed by Bhagavan Nama.

Our humble prostrations unto Sri Guruji and Thakurji to bless us with more and more grand Utsavs, satsangs and Sri G/Bhagavat kainkarya in the near future.

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