Gopa Kuteeram Annual Day & Vasanthotsav with Sri Poornimaji at Namadwaar, Houston

The end of April at Houston Namadwaar was celebrated with the Houston Gopa Kuteeram Annual Day, where children from all over the city came to present what they had learned in the past year. They offered skits, stotras, and kirtans to the Divine couple and prayed for more learning in their future. 179 devotees attended this wonderful session. The next major event was Narasimha Jayanthi celebrated on May 3rd. 12 devotees gathered to sing the praises of this wonderful avatar of Bhagavan.

May 7th marked the beginning of a unique offering of music. A special Thyagaraja Samarpana was held, where young children from all over the city converged at Namadwaar to offer Sri Aishwarya Srinivasa Perumal the Thyagaraja krithis they had learned. 125 bhaktas were able to witness their dedication offered to Bhagavan.

Finally, on May 14th, Vasanthotsava was celebrated, with a beautiful swing for the Divine Couple to sit on. Sri Poornimaji was present to bless the occasion, and 102 devotees offered their prayers to the Divine Couple for peace and wellbeing

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