Guru Poornima Celebrations : Dallas, TX, USA

The Guru Poornima was celebrated at the residence of Sri Raghu and Ms. Booma in Dallas on Saturday the 19th of July.  The program started in the morning with the chanting of Mahamantra in which about 10 devotees participated.  At about 11 am, the satsang members had the great opportunity to listen to Sister Poornimaji’s discourse from India.  About 20 devotees attended the program.

At about 12:30 pm, Prasad was served to everyone.

Mr. Mahesh bought a bulk of CDs and Books from the Mission in India.  Mahamantra stickers, CDs, Books distributed to devotees.

Overall, the function was celebrated gracefully and everyone left with a deep sense of satisfaction for having attended the event.

To participate in the Chicago area satsangs, enroll in the yahoo group: Dallasnamadwaar

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