Guruji Jayanthi celebrations in Minnesota, MN

Guruji Jayanthi celebrations in Minnesota

By the abundant blessings of our Guru Maharaj, we celebrated Sri Guruji’s Jayanthi on Aippasi Swathi day, at the residence of Vish ji and Mallika ji, with Akhanda nama and Kirtans. Satsangis also joined in doing an Ashtotthara archanai to Sri Guruji.

Sri Narayanaswamy mama from Dallas was kind enough to join us via teleconference. He spoke about Guru Mahima and shared his Madhurasmaran, remembering how much Sri Guruji has impacted, guided, changed and protected his family.

Kids in our satsang lead kirtans on Sri Guruji and we wrapped up the special satsang with humble prayers at His Holy Feet for more such beautiful satsangs.

Namasankeertanam and Deepotsavam

Sri Guruji’s grace brought us all together again on the following Saturday when we had a special Namasankeertanam in Twin cities, to continue our celebration of our Guru Maharaj’s avataara dinam.

Although it was a snowy day here in Minnesota, the entire community of devotees came together in a one-of-a-kind Namasankeertanam. Young bhagavatas lead Guru Kirtans, and we had a Deepothsavam with Sri Guruji and Thakur ji at the center.

Our Gopakuteeram kids also joined in sankeerthanam, sitting through for about 2 hours in rapt attention, playing jalras, and singing Nama in full throat. Kids also led a few namavalis – offering their mazhalai pechu to our Sadguru.


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