Boston GOD celebrates Diwali in a grandeur

Boston GOD satsang in Nashua, NH celebrated Sri Guruji Jayanthi and Diwali at Kalpanaji/Raviji Residence. Around 25 members gathered at 3 pm, engaging in Mahamantra kirtan, Guru Kirtans, and Bhagavatha Parayanam(Narakasura vadam). Satsang children began Diwali with firecrackers at 6 pm, enjoying until 8:30 pm. The evening continued with Dumcharads and Jeopardy in the living room for three hours.

A delightful blend of Diwali festivities, Guruji Jayanthi, and laughter-filled games made for a memorable and spiritually uplifting occasion. Prayers go out for more such joyous satsangs with diverse families, fostering a sense of community and spiritual growth.

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