Special Satsangs in the month of November, Namadwaar Houston

Satsang with Ramuji
On the occasion of Sri Swamiji’s Jayanthi, Sri Ramanujamji connected with devotees in North America via Zoom call to inspire us to follow the path of Bhagavatha Dharma and perform seva that pleases Sri Swamiji.

Govardhan Pooja for Diwali
Diwali was celebrated with Govardhan Puja, an impromptu Govardhan Leela enactment by children followed by fireworks and Chhappan Bhog Prasad.

Tulasi Kalyanam
On the occasion of Brindavana Dwadasi, the divine wedding of Tulasi Devi with Sri Krishna was celebrated at the Houston Namadwaar.

Karthik / Raasa Pournami
Raas Poornima and Deepam was celebrated by the chanting of Rasa Panchadhyayi parayanam and Kirtans.

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