Inner Transformation lecture series in Milwaukee,Wisconsin

After conducting series of blissful satsangs in the East Coast, Sri Ramanujamji departed to Midwest and reached Milwaukee, on Monday October 22nd 2012. Milwaukee GOD Chapter conducted a four day Inner Transformation Series from October 23rd to October 26th 2012. On the first day, Sri Ramanujamji talked about the sweetness of Bhagavatha Dharma at the residence of Sri.Tulasiji and Mrs.Priya Tulasiji. He expounded Sri Swamiji’s Kali Dharma Undiyar in an informal tone and delivered it in his own charming style that was a feast for the mind and soul that were blessed to be a part of it. On the second day, the satsang was conducted at the residence of Sri.Suriji and Mrs.Uma Suriji. Sri Ramanujamji elucidated on the greatness of Namasankirtan with beautiful exemplars from Srimad Bhagavatam and how the path of Namasankirtan shines forth like the bright stars in the dark sky as the age of Kali is the age of darkness compared to the earlier ages. In the end the devotees chanted Mahamantra in the quest of an answer to a devotee’s earnest question which kind of summed up his lecture on how Prayers need to be a part of life. On the third day, he narrated the conversations between King Parikshit and Sage Sukhamuni in Srimad Bhagavatham and that there are different ‘rasas’ through which one connects himself to the Lord. He also touched upon the various ‘gunas’ of creation and how service to the Lord comes out of the sense of gratitude and that it does not matter what the nature of service is. On the final day, the session culminated with the essence of Bhagavatha Dharma, its sweetness and stories on the greatness of Bhagavathas on their selfless love to the lord and the greatness of the Lord in giving refuge to the devotees who seek it despite their past actions. The devotees listened to the discourse with much awe and esteem. The lectures were very well received by the devotees.

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