Janmshtami Celebration in Toronto, Canada

By the immense grace of our beloved Guru Maharaj, and divine couple Sri Madhurisakhi Sametha Premikavaradha Thakurji, Toronto Satsang was blessed with Bhagavatha Sapthaham on the auspicious occasion of Krishna Janmashatami. Starting from Friday, August 16 2019, until Friday August 23 2019, we had Bhagavatha Parayanam in the mornings, and during the evenings, we had Bhagavatha Katha by kids from Toronto, Edmonton, Boston, and Virginia.

Every morning, starting at 5 am, about 25 members of TorontoGOD joined the conference call to participate in the Parayanam. Each of us chose specific time slots when we would read Shrimad Bhagavatham. There were also kids under the age of 15 participating in the Parayanam and reading a few chapters. The enthusiasm was so high that people still wanted to read more each day, even after reaching the allotted chapters for the day. The Parayanam was also held for about an hour in the evenings before the Kids Bhagavatha Katha, so as to allow the office goers to participate in the Parayanam.

In the evenings, we had Kids Bhagavatha Katha. We had about 17 kids give a pravachan during the Sapthaham. The age of these kids ranged from 4 to 21 years.

Date Bhagavatha Name Parents Age City Pravachan Topic
16-Aug-2019 Trinab Balakrishnan Anusha Balakrishan 9 Toronto Parikshith Charitram
16-Aug-2019 Dhiya Ganesh Archana Ganesh 11 Toronto Kunti Stuti
17-Aug-2019 Mathangi Karthikeyan Lakshmi Karthikeyan 4 Richmond, VA Dhruva Stuti
17-Aug-2019 Shwetha Srinivasan

Samhitha Srinivasan

Sharadha Srinivasan 17 & 9 Edmonton Bheeshma Stuti
18-Aug-2019 Akshay Krishna Gayathri Karthikeyan 21 Toronto Vitrasura Chatusloki
18-Aug-2019 Adwaith Kulkarni Hima Karthik 10 Richmond, VA Ajamila Charitram
19-Aug-2019 Madhuri Murali Malathi Murali 13 Richmond, VA Prahaladha Charitram
19-Aug-2019 Harish Raman Lalitha Raman 20 Richmond, VA Prahaladha Stuti
20-Aug-2019 Krishnamithra Sandya Priya Skandha Prasad 4 Toronto Vamanavatar
20-Aug-2019 Rithwik Raman Lalitha Raman 16 Richmond, VA Gajendra Stuti
20-Aug-2019 MohanaKrishnan Narayanan Rekha Narayanan 7 Boston Ambareesha Charitram
21-Aug-2019 Maadhurya Manikandan Jayasri Manikandan 7 Richmond, VA Krishna Jananam
22-Aug-2019 Divya Balaji Vidhya Balaji 20 Richmond, VA Govindha Pattabhishegam
22-Aug-2019 Veda Shruti Rajesh Priya Rajesh 11 Richmond, VA Rukmini Kalyanam
22-Aug-2019 Laya Ganesh Ganga Ganesh 9 Toronto Sudhama Charitram
23-Aug-2019 Aditya Karthik Sujatha Karthik 17 Toronto Bhagavatha Sangraham
20-Aug-2019 Anindhitha Sujatha Karthik 6 Toronto Bhagavatha Arathi Singing
22-Aug-2019 RishiGanesh Gnanavel Sangeetha Gnanavel 9 Toronto Bhagavatha Arathi Singing
23-Aug-2019 ReventhRaja Ramakrishnan Suchitra Ramakrishnan 7 Toronto Bhagavatha Arathi Singing

On Culmination day, we were bestowed with Sri Swamiji’s  blessing message conveyed through Sri. Ramanujamji.

On Saturday, August 24, 2019, Toronto-GOD celebrated Krishna Janmashtami at the residence of Skanda Prasad ji and Sandhya ji. We relived Krishna Jananam, as the kids on our satsang carried Krishna across Yamuna from Mathura to Gokulam and throwing curd and butter at each other, like how the Gopis celebrated Krishna Jananam. We also relived a few of his childhood days by recreating a few games, like a tug of war, pot breaking, and Vanabhojanam, that Krishna played with his friends. Dinner Prasad was distributed.

Toronto-GOD is blessed to have celebrated Sapthaha Utsav and Krishna Janmashtami and we pray to our beloved Guru Maharaj and our divine couple for more such utsavs.


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