Krishna katha by Sri Ramanujam ji in Jacksonville, FL

By our Gurunathar’s immense Krupa, Jacksonville was blessed with 5 days of Krishna Katha by Sri Ramanujam Ji from February 21, 2020, through February 25, 2020.

Day 1 of our satsang started off at Smt Pratima & Sri Rajendra Samaluru Ji’s residence with Sri Ramanujam Ji expounding on the importance of Satsang in this treacherous Kali Yuga.

Day 2 satsang was hosted by Smt Kavitha & Kiran Marru and Sri Ramanujam Ji beautifully explained Krishna Jananam quoting several mahans including our own Gurunathar.

The third day of our satsang was held at the residence of Smt Ashwitha & Madhav Aleti and the topic of the day was the Gokula Leela including Poothana moksham and Navaneetha Chaurya Leela. Sri Ramanujam Ji expounded on Agaasura vadham and Govindha Pattabhishekam on the fourth day of our satsang at Smt Meera & Ananthanarayanan Kavaseri Ji’s residence.

As customary with any Bhagavatha Katha shravanam, Jacksonville was blessed with the auspicious Rukmini Kalyanam on Day 5 at the residence of Smt Sripriya & Srinivasulu Miryala.

Gopa Kuteeram children chanted Venu Geetham & Gopika Geetham from Srimad Bhaagavatham, bhajans and Madhura Geetham at the start of the program every day. The satsang was well attended on all days, averaging about 80 bhagavathas everyday. Praying to the lotus feet of our Gurunathar for more and more satsangs in future.

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