Maargazhi Nama Satsangs in Jacksonville, FL

Our Guru Maharaj’s grace continues to shower in Jacksonville and the numerous satsangs throughout the course of the month of Maargazhi stand as the testament. As the Covid restrictions slowly relaxed, numerous families opened their homes wide open for our special Maargazhi satsangs where we chant the Mahamanthra for the first 30 minutes followed by Thiruppaavai. The hosts invited their friends and family to the satsang so many devotees got the blessings from Sri Aandal and Lord Krishna. Below are the hosts and dates of the satsangs with the attendees.

In addition to the above mentioned satsangs, GOD Jacksonville also did the parayanam of Thiruppavai 3 times to celebrate Koodaravalli at Smt Nirmala & Sri Rajsekar Srinivasan ji’s residence. About 27 devotees participated in the event.
12/17/2022 – Smt Sridevi & Sri Madan Mukkoti – 50 devotees participated
12/20/2022 – Smt Susheela & Sri Nanda Kishore Daliboyina – 47 devotees participated
12/24/2022 – Smt Padma & Sri Hari Posina – 43 devotees participated
01/07/2023 – Smt Sripriya & Sri Srinivasulu Miryala – 50 devotees participated
01/14/2023 – Smt Swathi & Sri Bhaskar Divvela – 40 devotees participated

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