Madhura Utsav in Dallas, TX

By the immense grace of our Guruji Sri. Sri. Muralidhara Swamiji, satsangs with Sri Poornima ji was held in Dallas from November 20 – 26 2017.

Every morning started off with Prabhodhanam and Bhagavata Parayanam from 6.30 to around 12 noon at least. During the afternoons from November 20 – 23, Samskruti some multi-dimensional contests like Chess, Artwork, Rangoli, Classical music, and Elocution were conducted. On Nov 24th, Puranava was conducted in the afternoon.

Day 1 katha was delivered by Sriram ji from Houston Tx. He discoursed on Bhagavata Mahathmyam very beautifully. Even before delving into the subject of Srimad Bhagavatam, his prelude was excellent. The listeners were in rapt attention. He literally made the listeners curious. After the katha was the beautiful procession of the Lordship in the midst of Madhura Gitam rendition. We had the procession every night after the katha.

Day 2 katha was continued by Sriram ji. He discoursed on the subjects of Cantos 1 through 3 of Srimad Bhagavatam very well. On Day 3, Sri Muthu ji from Houston spoke about Dhruv charitra. He beautifully brought forth the form of Bhagavan in the minds of the listeners by comparing Dhruva’s description of Bhagavan’s form to that of Sri Swamiji’s compostion – ‘Premika Varadhanai parthayo thozhi…’ The 5-year-old Dhruva’s dispassion was brought out beautifully by weaving in with humorous but apt examples in the narration.

From Day 4, Sri Poornima ji’s katha was on Prithu Maharaja in good detail. She transformed all the listeners to that period, where they worshiped the Bhagavatas. The Thanksgiving Day was so special – ‘Bhavani Varugindran’ – one of the beautiful compositions of Sri Swamiji was enacted by the guidance of Sri Poornima ji during the procession of the Lordship on Garuda vahana. It was such a treat to all that took part that evening.

On Day5, A senior in High School, Renu Karthik presented her music to the Lordship during Nikunjotsavam. Premika Varadhan Sameta Madhuri Sakee was adorned on a beautifully decorated swing. The musical treat was followed by the most awaited katha part by Sri Poornima ji. She continued talking about Prithu Maharaja’s charitra from Canto 4.

On Nov 25th, ‘Sri Krishna Charanam Mama’ – A kuchipudi dance program (A fund-raising event) – by Smt Srilatha Suri with GOD Dallas Chapter. At the end of the program the winners of Samskruti and Puranava contests were honored by Sri Poornima ji with trophies and certificates.

The charitra of Priya Vrata was beautifully discoursed by Sri Poornima ji.

Highlight of that night’s procession was the Rukmini Kalyanam enacted on the Kudhirai vahanam. All of us were surprised by the sudden entry of Kaliyan with his group. The pasurams were so well sung for the Lordship in the middle of the night.

On the final day, all the devotees along with Sri Poornima ji read the 12th Chapter of 12th Canto and read further and completed the Srimad Bhagavata recitation. This was followed by Sri Poornima ji’s katha.

Parallelly outside the thepam and theru (Ratham) was getting ready.

The beautiful sunny morning was so in line for the Thepotsavam in the pool in the backyard of the School. The divine couple was given a holy dip in the pool by Sri Poornima ji and taken on procession – Kannadi Sevai.

This was followed by Radha Kalyanam in the midst of devotees singing Ashtapathi. After the divine wedding, the divine couple was taken on the Ratham amidst madhura Gitam rendition. Thus the utsav came to an end with lots of prayers at the holy feet of GuruMaharaj for more and more satsangs, katha and utsavs.

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