Madhura Utsav in Detroit

By the immense grace of Sri Swamiji, Sri Madhura Utsav 2018 was conducted in Detroit, MI led by Sri Ramanujam ji at Sri Balaji Temple of Great Lakes for two days from Tuesday, April 10th 2018 to Wednesday, April 11 th 2018. The event was very well received by one and all. Close to 80 devotees attended and participated in the ustav.

Tuesday, April 10th 2018: The day 1 event was started by singing Maha Mantram by the GopaKuteeram Students. Followed by Govarthana Leela Drama presented by the GopaKuteeram Students and Teachers. Kids had performed as the real character of the Govartha Leela story and Auidence had appreciated the Drama. There was excellent background setup for each screen.
Sri Krishna was Lifting the Govarthana Mountain scene and it was looked as a real.

Sri Ramanujam Ji appreciated the students for performing the characters in the drama. Sri Ramanujam Ji distributed the presents to each students. Then Sri Ramanujam Ji had given 30 minutes lecture to the audience and parents about the importance of Gopakuteeram and how it helps the students to educate the value and Hindu Culture. A special mention that the kids were also very attentive during the lecture session,

Then Detroit GOD satsang members sang Madura Geetam songs related to the importance of Nama with the support of Harmonium by Chandra Nurani ji and Mirudangam support by Sri Narayanan ji.

Wednesday, April 11th 2018: The day 2 event was started by chanting Gajendra Stuthi. There was special Purapadu to Sri Madhuri Saketha Premaka Varadan Takur ji and Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji due to Ekadasi Thithi under the guidance of Sri Ramanujam Ji. Madhura Geetam songs related to procession was sang by the Detroit GOD Satsang Members with the support of Keyboard by Surrendran ji and Mirudangam support by Sri Narayanan ji.

Sri Ramanujam Ji given 30 minutes lecture about Sri Bhagavada Dharam and how Sri Guruji performs Sri Madhuri Saketha Premaka Varadan Takur ji daily puja at Ashram.

Divayanamam was performed for Sri Krishna for an hour and followed by Dolotsavam and Sayanam utsvam to Sri Madhuri Saketha Premaka Varadan Takur ji and Sri Guruji.

Dinner Maha Prasadam was distributed to Satsang members and public on both the days.

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