Madhurageetham Fiesta 2021 – Event Report

By Sri Swamiji’s immense krupa and blessings, the first global Madhurageetham Fiesta, a celebration of Sri Swamiji’s compositions in a joyful way by hundreds of devotees across the world, was held yesterday (June 26). The event went off very smoothly and successfully with His grace.

About 75 teams (of 1-3 people each) had registered for the event from several countries across the globe. Over 300 people watched it live on YouTube during the program.

There were a total of eight rounds of quizzing in different formats (written, Antakshari, audio, rapid answer, and questions based on ragams, bhavams, viruttams, meanings, types of kirtans, and much more).

All the participants had prepared a lot in the weeks before the quiz and everyone shared that this event truly helped them learn a lot and go deeper into the ocean of Madhurageethams. Viewers were also excited and audience answered lots of questions with enthusiasm in YouTube live chat.

The final winners were Kum. Charulatha Pradeep, Kum. Vishnupriyaji and Kum. Jananiji’s team from India. Second place was for Kum. Madhura Sriram, Smt. Sowmya Balasubramaniam, and Sri Mukund Muralidharan from US. Third was Chi. Mohanakrishnan, Sri Narayanan Sathiamoorthy and Smt. Rekha Narayanan from US.

The quiz was guided completely from start to finish by Sri Poornimaji. The team who conducted it included Smt. Aishvarya and Sri Hari from Muscat, Smt. Sandya Prasad from Toronto, Smt. Gayatri Vasant, Smt. Jeya Kishore, Sri Raghu and Sri Vijay from Atlanta, and Sri Sriram and Smt. Nisha from Houston.

The video of the live broadcast can be seen here:

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