Nama Satsang in Dallas

By the divine grace of our SadGuru Maharaj and Lord Sri Hari,Dallas GOD satsang had a wonderful Nama satsang at the residence of Sri Meyyappanji and Smt Umaji’s house on February 12th, 2011 from 2:00 pm to 6 pm. The session started with Dhyana slokam and continued with non stop Mahamantra kirtan for the next two hours. Then it was followed by a short session of Gopa Kutteeram led by Bhoomaji. The kids recited slokas and sang kirtans. Aravind Meyyappan did a short discourse on Bishma. The adults them recited Bishma stuti and learnt Narasimha stuti which was then followed by Guruji’s kirtan. After that all devotees bonded together in chanting Mahamantra kirtan. The celebration came to an end with Kaliyaiyum balikollum and arthi.

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