Puratasi Saturday with Gajendra Stuti parayana at Sri Mahalakshmi Temple, Boston MA

First Puratasi Saturday

It has been a tradition for the past 15 years that Boston GOD Satsang does the Parayana of Gajendra Stuti on the first Saturday of Puratasi month at Sri Mahalakshmi Temple, Ashland, MA.

Sep 18 2021 marked the first Puratasi-Saturday this year and as per tradition, Sri Narayananji from Boston GOD satsang did the Parayana of Gajendra Stuti. He also explained the meaning of the verses. While the devotees grasped the bhava of the stuti, they also enjoyed the anukarana of the Gajendra moksham event. After this was the divine procession of Perumal on his Garuda Vahana. A few GOD Satsang families along with 70-80 devotees from the temple participated in the event. The Garuda vahana purapadu concluded with Kaliyayum Bali kollum song.

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