Ram Navami Celebrations 2014 at Fort Montessori School, Dallas

With the immense compassion and grace of Sri Swamiji , Dallas GopaKuteeram children celebrated Raam Navami with all pomp and splendor on Saturday, April 12th 2014. It was a beautiful sunny Saturday which was a befitting ambiance for a fun-filled Gopakuteeram  outdoor sessions. The events commenced with thirty children playing  musical chairs in tune to the Mahamantra. It was wonderful to see the enthusiastic  children,parents and grandparents participation in the musical chairs game.  Next came the children’s favorite – lemon and spoon race. The children were reminded that the lemon had  antiseptic properties,a natural cure – just like how Hanumanji brought herbs to cure Lakshmana. After many trial sessions on the lemon and spoon race the finals was conducted. Finally the much awaited egg hunt – one of the eggs had Sita’s ring , the ring Lord Rama had given to Hanumanji to find Sita.  It was wonderful to see the children search the grounds to find the ring with great zeal and every egg was opened !! Finally its was time to get indoors for Bingo – on Characters and Places from  Ramayana. The kids vividly recollected stories that they had learnt during the sessions as the game was being played . It was Cake time  and the children sang the Mahamantra as they celebrated Lord Ramas birthday with cupcakes.

The Gopakuteeram session culminated with prize distribution by visiting grandparents to all the participants of the Mahamantra Writing contest . A  jigsaw puzzle of Lord Rama was given to all kids. A special satsang then followed  in the evening, where the children rendered Lord Ramas bhajas and kirtans that they learned in Gopakuteeram sessions.

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