Harikatha Performance by Gopa Kuteeram Children in Bay Area,CA

By the immense grace of Sathguru Maharaj Bay Area Gopa Kuteeram
children presented Harikatha of various Mahatmas Charithrams at
Livermore Shiva Vishnu Temple on Sunday Jan 14th, 2024 from 1 to 5 pm.
The program started with the chanting of Mahamantra followed by the
Gopa Kuteeram teacher’s welcome note introducing our Gopa Kuteeram
program.Seven children presented the life stories of Mahatmas starting
from Santh Tulasidas Goswamiji, Santh Jana Bai, Sri Purandaradasa and
Sri Badrachala Ramadas. The children rendered the Katha very
passionately and the stories were interspersed with appropriate songs and
slokas that were delivered very sweetly. The children also as part of the
Katha carried Sri Swamiji's message of Nama Kirtan being the path
common for all in this current day and age. The temple coordinators were
very surprised and happy to see this art form flower here in America
through these young children. The temple coordinators also expressed joy
in having them over again to present Harikatha on many occasions in the
future. The children were blessed with the darshan and special prasadams
from the temple. Sri GB ji thanked the temple and the coordinators and
remarked that it is indeed Sri Swamiji's vision and grace that has brought a
taste for Bhagavath Katha in the heart of this young generation.
Glories at the Lotus Feet of Sathguru Maharaj

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