Satsangs in East Bay Area and Sacramento

Nama Prachaar Satsangs were held across East Bay, Interior valley regions and Sacramento for the first time in February 2018.

Satsangs were held at East Bay regions of Clayton, with new weekly satsangs in Pittsburg region at the Shantidaam temple. Additional weekly house satsangs occur in homes in Concord area on top of regular weekly house satsang. Nama prachaar satsangs were also held in Various interior regions of Modesto, Salida, Stockton and Lodi at the Shree Ram mandir, Hari Om mandir, Stockton Shiva Vishnu Temple, and Mahashakthi Ashram Sanstha respectively. Other nama prachaar satsangs were also held at the Sacramento region in Hari Om Mandir and Santana Dharma Shiva mandir. Additionally house satsang took place at Rancho Cordova.

As part of Namasankirtan satsangs, Nama is being chanted for about an hour followed by rendition of kirtans composed by Sri Swamiji glorifying the path of Namasankirtan. Weekly and monthly satsangs are being conducted in East Bay Area and Sacramento areas. Please contact Smt.Srividya Srikanth @ (925)-285-2762.

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