Sri Ramanujamji's farewell satsang in New York

Sri Ramanujamji conducted a satsang at the residence of Sri.Palaniji and Mrs.Latha Kumanan on Tuesday, October 17th 2012. The satsang commenced with NamaSankirtan and was followed by rendition of kirtans composed by Sri Swamiji. Sri Ramanujamji then expounded on the path of Bhagavatha Dharma and that the greatness of this path lies in the fact that it talks about love towards God, chanting the divine names and listening to divine glories of the lord. All the devotees chanted the divine names of the lord joyfully during the closing session. About thirty devotees attended the satsang. This was Sri Ramanujamji’s farewell satsang for devotees in New York and New Jersey area.
Please contact Mrs.Latha Kumanan @ and Sri.Desikan Santhanam at 973-930-8393 for satsangs in New York and New Jersey areas.

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