Sri Ramanujamji’s visit to ‘The Center for Sacred Heart’, Seattle

Sri Ramanujamji, on the afternoon of November 20th, 2013, met with the founders of the Center for Sacred Art, Joseph Anderson and Victoria Scarlett.  The Center for Sacred Art is involved in cross-faith chanting with a main focus on Gregorian chants.  Joseph showed Sri Ramanujamji some samples of Gregorian chants and their notations.  He and Victoria also shared the history behind such chants.  Sri Ramanujamji talked about chanting from the perspective of Bhagavatha Dharma.  As the conversations progressed, it was wonderful to see so much overlap and parallels despite the different faiths.  It was an interesting “coincidence” that Victoria started discussing about her upcoming presentation on “Scared Mountains” as Sri Ramanujamji was also delivering a speech on Aksharamana malai (talking about Thiruannamalai) the evening of their meeting. The conversation concluded with the exchange of chanting CDs. Seattle GOD Chapter eagerly look forward for an opportunity to collaborate between  Center for Sacred Art and  Global Organization for Divinity in the future.


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