Sri Swamiji’s Jayanti Celebrations 2011 – Dallas

Dallas GOD satsang celebrated Guruji Jayanti with a special Akanda Nama at Sri Ramji/Smt Vidya’s residence. The Satsang began with the chanting of “Dhyana Sloka”. This was followed by the devotees chanting mahamantra with devotion and fervour. Priyaji conducted Gopakuteeram for the kids. The kids learnt about a great devotee of Krishna – “Poonthanam” and a Guruji Kirtan “Guruvayurappane”. They also made a deepavali card.We were very fortunate to listen to our Guru Maharaj’s special message about nama mahima.
The kids were also introduced to “one nama a day” project where the kids write at least one mahamantra a day. They were each given a notebook. Mahamantra and our Guru Maharaj adorned the front cover of the notebook. The kids were happy to receive it and they started writing nama as the parents chanted them.
Satsang was concluded with prayers for our Guruji and Kaliyayum Balikolum.Sweet was distributed to all the satsang members.

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