Srimad Bhagavata Saptaham in Cypress, TX

A seven day divine event held during evening hours of spring break at Vanathiji’s house at Cypress, Texas from March 10th to 16th 2018
March 10th Saturday: Ramaswamiji Started the event with Guru vandanam and talked about Kunti stuti, Bhishma stuti, how Pariksheet Maharaj, the great grandson of Krishna got cursed and how sukha muni began to narrate the Bhagavat katha to Pariksheet in order to attain liberation from the cycle of birth. He also briefed about the Varaha Avatara. Great number of people attend this day to listen to swamiji with eagerness and devotion.

March 11th Sunday : The lecture was about Hiranyaksha Vadham, Kapila avatharam and Dhruva stuti. He emphasized on Hari nama sankeerthanam and guru bhaktiand how one can enhance their lives through chanting of Mahamantra.

March 12th Monday: Prahalada Charitram, Ajamila Charitram, and Narasimha avatara, oh so divine and lovely to hear and imagine little boy Prahalada singing praises about Narayana. Since all the devotees predominantly were tamil speaking, it was like honey in the ears to hear swamiji in Tamil.

March 13th Tuesday: Gajendra Moksham, Koorma Vamana and Mohini and matsya avatarams katha.

March 14th Wednesday: Sri Ramaswamyji spoke about Sanatana Dharma and Rama Avatara Parashurama Avatara and story about yadukula an intro to Krishna’s Birth.

March 15th Thursday: One of the favorite days of all, the Krishnna Story right from Krishna’s Birth to Kamsa’s end, we had immersed ourselves in Krishna leelas and the Raas leelas. All the kids attending the event had dressed as Krishna and we had them play the Kolaatam around krishna’s idol. Women also participated in the kolaatam with enthusiasam and joy.

March 16th Friday: The event concluded with the celebration of Rukmani Kalyanam with a record number of devotees attending the event, a grand procession of Krishna and Rukmani was taken in a well-lit and decorated boat in the pond which runs through the neighborhood community also known as Thepotsavam. Kids had fun ride on the boat with Premika Varadhan.

All the seven days we had volunteers helping with garland making, food that was served and of course Krishna’s favorite Bakshnams.
What a way to spend Spring Break, with Krishna in our heart and divine journey etched in memory forever.

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