Stress Management and Happiness in Life

Date  :  Nov 9, 2009. Monday
Time  :  6:30pm – 8pm
Venue :  Buchar Family Chiropractic, New York St, Aurora, IL
Event :  Talk by Sri Ramanujam ji
Topic :  Stress Management and Happiness in Life

Ramanujam ji said that a person’s happiness is definitely within his reach, and that happiness does not exist outside, but inside of each one of us. As a child, we tend to think that happiness is present in food, parents, toys etc, but as we grow, our thoughts change. We begin to believe that happiness lies in other things like success, wealth etc. We are so much deceived that we always tend to think happiness lies in something else. When Mahans opine that happiness really is within us, we find it so hard to accept that we tend to dismiss this idea.

Mind is like a child and when it goes out of control, all we have to do is, just watch it, and it will start to settle down, an easy way for all. Another tactic is to accept each one as he/she is. He mentioned that any work that leads to the strengthening of ego is definitely not holy and any work that leads to the destruction of ego IS holy. All this will help us find happiness in ourselves which eventually will keep stress away.

The event concluded with a question and answer session in which Ramuji patiently addressed each of the questions asked by 15 people who were present for the lecture.

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