Thanksgiving Satsang in Jacksonville, FL

GOD Satsang Jacksonville had a special Thanks Giving Satsang for all the blessings through the course of the year and the pandemic on the whole. This was the first in-person satsang ever since Sri Ramanujam ji’s blissful satsangs back in Feb 2020. Our Guru Maharaj’s grace was evident through the past 2 years with numerous satsangs by Sri Ramanujam ji as well as the national satsangs and parayanams celebrating various special satsangs. The satsang started off with the chanting of Mahamanthra followed by Venu Geetham and Bheeshma Stuthi, all by children. This was followed by a special talk by Sri Sriram ji from Namadwaar Houston, reminiscing Guru krupa. The theme of the speech was well aligned to the occasion of Thanks Giving as we were all congregated with the feeling of gratitude. The satsang concluded with Mahamanthra chanting followed by prasad.

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