Vaikunta Ekasasi and Special Nama Satsangs by Namadwaar, Virginia

Vaikunta Ekadashi

With the immense blessings of Sri SwamiJi and Sri Premika Varadhan Madhuri Sakhi , Virginia Namadwaar celebrated Vaikunta Ekadashi on 2nd January .

The divine couple were decorated and seated on the Garuda Vahanam. The satsang started with Dhanur month seva Tirupalliezhuchi and Tiruppavai pasurams. Then Gadyams of Sri Premika Varadhan, Madhuri Sakhi, Srinivasa and Ranganatha were recited. This was followed by Guru, Mahalakshmi ashtothrams. Special Sahasranamavali ashtothra archana was performed to the Lordships. Then the devotees rendered Sri Madhurageetham on krishna, Ranganatha, Vittal and Anjaneyar. The satsang concluded with Kaliyayum bali kollum and Maha Arthi.

Mahamantra Nama chanting Satsangs

Virginia Namadwaar has been doing various nama chanting satsangs in Richmond.
January 1st. On new year’s day we had a blissful 1hour of Mahamantra chanting at the Hindu center of Virginia. It was very well received by devotees there and many new people including children eagerly participated in the chanting.

January 6th: On the auspicious Tiruvadhirai , we had Mahamantra Nama chanting at the residence of Sri.Palani and Smt.Srividhya.
January 7th: Sri Muthu and Smt. Srilatha
January 8th: Sri.Ramanan and Smt.Sridevi.
January 10th: Sri Raman and Smt Lalitha
January 20th: We had Mahamantra Nama chanting at the residence of Sri Rajesh and Smt Ramya. This was followed by a blissful Divyanama satsang.
January 22nd: Sri.Rakesh and Smt Usha Gupta.
January 27th: Sri Elamaran and Smt. Mekala

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