GOD USA – Special Regional Satsangs with Sri Ramanujamji

Bay Area:
By the immense grace of Sri Swamiji, GOD Satsang was blessed with a special satsang led by Sri Ramanujamji on Saturday, November 22 2021. The satsang commenced with Nama SAnkirtan and then few volunteers gave a short presentation beautifully summarizing the various activities in Bay Area. Following this, Sri Ramanujamji gave a wonderful discourse on the greatness of Satsang and Guru Mahima. Close to 60 members were blessed to take part in this special satsang. The satsang concluded with prayers and Arathi.

By the causeless mercy of Guru Maharaj, GOD Satsang Orlando had a blissful special satsang with Ramuji. The event was conducted at the residence of Ranjini ji/ Nagarajan ji, and was attended by about 35 devotees. The satsang included Mahamantra chanting, Vishnu Sahasranamam, Madhurageetams followed by blissful talk by Sri Ramanujam ji through Zoom.

Namadwaar, Houston:
A special satsang with Sri Ramanujamji for Houston based devotees was conducted online on December 11th. Over 60 families attended the satsang. Sri Ramanujamji conveyed that Sri Aishwarya Srinivasar has left the Madhurapuri Ashram to journey to the US. Sri Aishwarya Srinivasar will be the presiding deity of Houston Namadwaar’s new building. Sri Ramanujamji added that Sri Aishwarya Srinivasar was sailing the Atlantic portion of his journey. Just as he spoke, Bhagavan had indeed crossed the Mediterranean and entered the Atlantic ocean. Finally, beginning December 12th, 30 devotees performed the parayanam of Narayaneeyam for the divine couple.

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