“The Treasure of Sanathana Dharma-For This Age”-Discourse by Sri Ramanujamji in San Antonio,TX

On Sunday,March 11th 2018, 2018 Global Organization for Divinity took an unprecedented leap in the lovely city of San Antonio.

The tranquil Sunday began at the magnificent Hindu Temple of San Antonio. After a brief session of singing the traditional Thodaya Mangalam, the attendees (just over 70 individuals) gathered for the highlight of the morning-Sri Ramanujamji’s discourse. Sri Ramanujamji’s discourse was titled “The Treasure of Sanathana Dharma-For This Age”. As always, Sri Ramanujamji connected well with the diverse audience, even answering some of their burning questions after his short lecture. The chairman elect of HTSA, Rajendra Thusu stated “Sri Ramanujamji’s lecture was truly inspiring and we hope he knows that he always has a home at the Hindu Temple of San Antonio to speak anytime.”

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