Traditional Treasure Workshop in Chicago – April 2014

With Sri Swamiji’s grace Chicago GOD Chapter conducted a  Traditional Treasures workshop in Chicago on Saturday, April 5th 2014. It was a 3 hr free workshop at the Schamburg Public library.
Before the workshop began, a presentation on Gopakuteeram activities, which aims at imparting knowledge on the cultural and traditional roots of Sanathana Dharma to young minds in a fun-filled learning environment  and how kids get immensely benefited by attending Gopakuteeram sessions was presented by Sri.Zivanji.  The Traditional Treasures workshop was an enhanced version of the weekly Gopa Kuteeram program for older kids and adults. Chittu ji talked to the audience on river Saraswathi and Dwaraka, and Sriram ji did a presentation on Sci & Tech in ancient India. Around 5 families attended the workshop. A 2 paged brochure with info on Gopakuteeram was given to everyone who attended the workshop. Everyone enjoyed the workshop and the feedback was very positive and everyone wished to have more such workshops in the future.

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