Vaikasi Anusham – 2nd Anniversary of Nava Vrindhavan, Virginia Namadwaar

On the auspicious Vaikasi Anusham 2018, Sri SwamiJi blessed us with Nava Vrindavan – Future Krishna Theme Park in Virginia. By the abundance grace of Sri SwamiJi and with humble gratitude, Namadwaar Virginia is celebrated the 2nd anniversary of the acquisition of Nava Vrindavan – Future Krishna Theme Park with Gratitude Nama – Akanta Mahamantra Nama Sankirtan on Friday, June 5, 9 am – 1 pm & 4 pm – 6 pm and Dasama Skanda Parayanam and Madhura Geetham on Saturday, June 6th.
Around 35 devotees Devotees participated and chanted Mahamantra Nama Sankirtan joyously on Friday, June 5, 9 am – 1 pm & 4 pm – 6 pm via online.
Around 20 devotees participated in Dasama Skanda Parayanam on Saturday, June 6th from 8 am. All felt blessed to participate in the parayanam.
After the parayanam , starting with Guru kirtans ,many Guru kirtans including kirtans on Maha Periyava were rendered. This was followed by Krishna, Radha, Yugala kirtans were also rendered.
Guru sevai Hari sevai endrum naan
Thannalam atru seididal vendum…
Prayers kirtans were sung, with the prayers at the holy feet of our Guru Maharaj that we stay in His divine service for ever. Satsang concluded with kaliyayum bali kollum kirtan.

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