Vasantha Navarathri in Bay Area, California

By the grace of Sri Swamiji and Madhurisakhi Sametha Premika Varadan, Vasantha Navarathri was very grandly celebrated on all the days from March 19th to 26th 2018 by doing the parayanam of Sundarakandam from Srimad Valmiki Ramayanam , chanting the Mahamanthra keerthanam and by enjoying the smaranam of Lord Sri Hanumanji selfless service to Lord Sri Rama. This satsang happened every morning at the homes of various devotees living across the Pleasanton, Dublin and San Ramon area.

On the day of culmination, Srimad Ramayana pattabhishekam sargam was also recited. All the devotees who joined the satsang felt truly blessed and were looking forward to enjoy more such satsangs in the future.

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