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Ashada Ekadasi — Puri to Pandharpur

It is on Ashada Ekadasi that the Rathotsav (Chariot festival) in Puri kshetra (a holy place in the Indian state of Orissa) comes to an end. Ashada Ekadasi is also a very special day in Pandharpur in the state of Maharashtra that is the home of the great Lord Panduranga, the lover of Nama sankirtan.

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That Which Protects the Lord Himself

The Divine Names that one chants are his true protection. In fact, the Divine Names serve as protection to the very owner of the Divine Name! In Krishna avatara, the Divine Name of Krishna served as a protection to Lord Krishna Himself. Likewise in Ramayana, the Divine Name of Rama served as a protective shield to Lord Rama himself.
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Water – the Subtle Purifier

In the ancient times, sages who lived in the forest used to carry a kamandalu (a small pitcher) filled with water. Many paintings that depict these sages too show this. Even today many who perform japa (chanting of Divine Names) or meditation are seen to be carrying a kamandalu with water.

What is the purpose and significance of carrying this pitcher filled with water?

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Kids’ Storytime – How the Lord came to Puri Kshetra

Puri Jagannath temple is an ancient and famous Hindu temple of Lord Vishnu, located in the coastal town of Puri, Orissa, India. Here Lord Vishnu resides in the form of a deity made of wood. Here is a story that tells us how the Lord came to Puri kshetra.

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Kids’ Quiz – Pandharpur Trivia

Ashada Ekadasi that falls around July every year is an auspicious occasion in Pandharpur and for Lord Panduranga. Let’s see if you can answer these related trivia questions.

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News of the month

A wonderful, satsang-filled Madhura Utsav was held at Milwaukee, WI in June. Click here to read the report.

Chicago GOD satsang conducted its first Sampradaya Camp this summer Read about the exciting 3-day camp here.

June and July were (and continue to be) busy months for the Houston GOD satsang.
–An 8-week summer camp began on June 29. Read the reports of the first 2 weeks here.
–A Meditation Program was conducted at a Houston Yoga Center on June 24. Read the report here.
–A 3-day Akhanda Nama sankirtan program was held from June 24-26. Read the report here.
–Houston Namadwaar hosted a booth at the City of Pearland’s July 4th Celebration Festival. Read the report here.

Upcoming Events

FREE Health Fair
Aug 13, 8 AM to 1 PM @ Houston Namadwaar, 3642 Bailey Ave, Manvel, TX 77578.
Several doctors will be on hand and numerous tests will be performed for FREE. There will also be free helmet giveaways for kids.
Please let your friends in the Houston area know.

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