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He who Flooded the World with the Lord’s Name

Chaitanya MahaprabhuTo establish the path of Nama sankirtan as the apt dharma for the Kali Yuga, Lord Krishna himself incarnated as Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in the 15th century AD. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu lived on this earth for 48 years. But, in those 48 years, he reached out to millions of people and transformed their lives. Click here to read more about this great saint…

Sanatana Dharma —The Universal and Eternal Way of Life

The entire edifice of Indian philosophical thought, known as Sanatana Dharma is founded firmly on the Vedas. Veda means wisdom, knowledge or vision. It is the perennial wisdom of ages.
Click to read more about Sanatana Dharma, from the perspective of one of our readers

Answers and Beyond…

ji[1]Spiritual questions answered by HH Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji

“I have read in one of your messages that we should not be susceptible to emotional injuries that others might inflict upon us or emotional influence that others might try to wield on us. How to grow into such a state?”
Click here to read the answer to this and other questions.

Vibhishana’s Surrender to the Lord


VibhishanaVibhishana was Ravana’s younger brother. Although a rakshasa, he was righteous and a great devotee of Lord Rama. When he saw Hanuman, a messenger of Rama, being treated cruelly and about to be killed by Ravana…
Click here to read about what Vibhishana did

Kids’ Contribution

Artwork by Kishori Prakash, 8 yrs
Click here to see the cute drawing

Kid’s Crossword — Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Trivia

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was one of the great saints who gave away the precious Hari nama to the entire mankind. This year, his jayanti falls on March 8th, 2012. Let us see how much we know about this great soul.
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News of the month

Sri Poornimaji, who currently traveling in the US, conducted satsangs in various temples and homes in Virginia, North Carolina, New York/New Jersey area and the New England area.
Click here to read reports of Poornimaji’s satsangs in the east and north-east.

Houston Namadwaar’s second anniversary celebrations were conducted in a grand manner with a 24-hour Prayer for Peace and a Commemorative Cultural Program that featured classical music and dance performances by popular Houston-area artistes. Click here to read the detailed report.

Upcoming Events

Swarna Jayanthi celebrations and Madhura Utsav — Dallas
March 15-18: “Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times” discourses by Sri Poornimaji at Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple, Frisco TX
March 24-25: Mass Prayer at DFW Hindu Temple, Irving TX
For more information, call (830) 446 3325

Madhura Utsav — Milwaukee
March 30 – Apr 1: Discourses by Sri Poornimaji at Hindu Temple of Wisconsin
For more information, call (262) 264 5938

Sri Poornimaji’s satsangs — Chicago and Michigan
Apr 3 to Apr 13
For more information call (630) 851 8578. Email,

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